Multiple Sclerosis MS and Substance Abuse: What’s The Connection?

Wednesday, June 17th 2020.

It remains possible that the lack of association we observe is due to lack of statistical power. However, we estimate reasonable power (85%) to detect a stronger effect of the magnitude similar to that reported in a Danish cohort (OR5. Alcohol can interact negatively with many different types of medication, Dr. Giesser says.

Just imagine what could happen if alcohol is in the mix with MS. These symptoms and many others are worsened with alcoholism, as mentioned above. Drinking alcohol is discouraged with those who have MS because it can also worsen coordination and can cause even more slurred speech. Meadows GG, Zhang H. Effects of alcohol on tumor growth, metastasis, immune response, and host survival. Cui K, Yan G, Xu C, Chen Y, Wang J, Zhou R, Bai L, Lian Z, Wei H, Sun R. Invariant NKT cells promote alcohol-induced steatohepatitis through interleukin-1β in mice.

ms and alcohol

You can never be quite sure how your body will react to alcohol if you have MS. Alcohol causes changes in the central nervous system and organs of the body. For those with MS, side effects may even be worsened than for those who do not have MS. Some with MS report that after only one drink their neurological systems actually get worse for a time. Depressing the central nervous system is one effect, but alcohol may also create an additive effect with some of your medications you are currently taking for MS. Ottum PA, Arellano G, Reyes LI, Iruretagoyena M, Naves R. Opposing roles of interferon-gamma on cells of the central nervous system in autoimmune neuroinflammation.

Being diagnosed with MS in my 20s was definitely a blow to my social life in the early years. I was tired, my balance was off, my vision was affected, and I began to walk with a cane. I was embarrassed and struggling to digest the huge changes in my life.

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On the other hand, there is no significant relationship between IFN-gamma gene or its receptor gene integrity and risk of EAE, and in some cases these mutations in IFN-gamma gene increase number of deaths among EAE mice . Some studies have shown that prevention of axonal damage, demyelination and oligodendrocyte death can be possible through neutralization of IFN-gamma in CNS before initiation of EAE . Multiple sclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system .

ms and alcohol

TNF-alpha affects many types of CNS cells such as astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, endothelial cells of the brain, so it intervenes in many aspects of CNS functions. In vitro studies have shown that TNF-alpha has a significant role in the inhibition of myelin formation and oligodendrocyte regeneration . All the effects of TNF-alpha on MS are carried out by direct roles of it in myelin formation and oligodendrocyte regeneration . Chronic alcohol consumption reduces IFN-gamma levels; making this role considered as an important factor for the immune system. As the aforementioned data suggest, we observe the role of auto-reactive T cells and B cells, inflammatory cytokines and an increase in activities of natural killer cells and APC in multiple sclerosis patients. The above data further suggest that chronic alcohol consumption has adverse effects on the immune system by weakening it.


TGF beta affects immunological disorders by changing and moderating the activity and proliferation of immune cells . TGF beta can suppress many aspects of the immune system including cytokines and immune cells to affect the pathogenesis of neuroimmunological diseases, especially multiple sclerosis . Results from studies on EAE have shown that TGF beta can inhibit relapsing in mice. The entrance of autoimmune T cells to CNS via blood-brain barrier can be inhibited by TGF beta. It also affects pathways of cytokine production and mostly suppresses the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and cytokines that are released in response to adhesion molecules stimulations. Presence of inflammatory cytokines such as IFN-gamma in CNS and involvement of them in demyelination proposes the possible role of IFN-gamma in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis and other neuroimmunological diseases .

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  • “Combining these medications with drinks could lead to excessive sedation and health risks,” says Graves.
  • To maintain the healthiest lifestyle possible, it is important to understand the effects thatalcoholhas on someone with MS.
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  • Drinking alcohol could worsen the quality of the sleep that you get and lead to increased fatigue.

In these articles you’ll find information on how to continue living your way. Why not join anMS support groupand socialize with likeminded people who are going through the same things you are. If you do decide to go out, planning ahead can help you relax and enjoy yourself more. Having MS can make staying connected to the people you love a challenge. But, starting your own MS resistance is all about rising to everyday challenges. As always, the best way to know for certain is to have a candid conversation with your healthcare team.

What is the distance from a school or church where alcoholic beverages can be sold? ​Alcoholic beverages cannot be offered for sale within 400 feet of a school, church, kindergarten, children’s day care or a funeral home. The minimum distance is measured from the nearest point to the nearest point of the permittee’s establishment and the church, school building, etc. Keep in mind, too, that alcohol in large quantities is a neurotoxin and can damage nerve cells over time, says Jennifer Graves, M.D., Ph.D., a neurologist and director of the UCSD Neuroimmunology Research Program at UC San Diego Health. Given that MS itself destroys nerve cells (though disease-modifying drugs are working to halt that progression), it’s easy to see why the alcohol and MS combo can make your symptoms worse. Although the evidence is largely anecdotal, experts say it may have to do with the central nervous system .

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After reviewing the body of research on this topic, the authors found that a higher intake of coffee and caffeine seemed to have a protective effect against MS. However, the amount of liquid in a glass does not indicate the amount of alcohol it contains. There is not enough evidence to confirm that any alcohol offers neuroprotection for people with MS. On the other hand, they noted that these individuals had higher accumulations of a harmful substance in the brain that may have links with the progression of MS. Alcohol can increase the risk of liver damage from acetaminophen .

ms and alcohol

Reassuringly, 83% of both the MS and control populations answered that their alcohol consumption was similar to or lower than their alcohol consumption 10 years prior . Furthermore, binary definitions as used in both studies cannot capture behaviour change or a time dependent influence of consumption on MS risk. We used self-reported semi-quantitative alcohol consumption in order to define alcohol status .

MS and alcohol

Jackson AR, Nagarkatti P, Nagarkatti M. Anandamide attenuates Th-17 cell-mediated delayed-type hypersensitivity response by triggering IL-10 production and consequent microRNA induction. Ness KJ, Fan J, Wilke WW, Coleman RA, Cook RT, Schlueter baclofen efficacy in reducing alcohol craving and intake AJ. Chronic ethanol consumption decreases murine Langerhans cell numbers and delays migration of Langerhans cells as well as dermal dendritic cells. Høglund RA, Maghazachi AA. Multiple sclerosis and the role of immune cells.

Over-the-counter drugs and dietary supplements can interact negatively with alcohol. For instance, alcohol can increase the potentially drowsy effect of chamomile and valerian. When a person uses alcohol alongside antidepressants, it may increase feelings of depression and hopelessness. Alcohol can increase the risk of bleeding from the stomach and intestines resulting from nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug use. Alcohol may also increase urinary urgency and frequency, which are often complaints in people with MS, according to one study. Researchers have not extensively studied the effect of alcohol on MS symptoms.

Berthelot L, Laplaud DA, Pettré S, Ballet C, Michel L, Hillion S, Braudeau C, Connan F, Lefrère F, Wiertlewski S. Blood CD8+ T cell responses against myelin determinants in multiple sclerosis and healthy individuals. While studies on the effects of alcohol consumption in individuals with MS continue, it is best to avoid using alcohol if you have MS. Always consult with your physician before adjusting medication in any way. Alcohol can exacerbate some symptoms tips for reducing alcohol consumption of MS, such as those related to urinary frequency, depression, thinking, and balance. Alcohol can also interact with medications, affecting how they work or increasing the risk of adverse effects, such as liver damage. One study found that alcohol consumption might reduce the harmful effects of smoking. Because of this action, the authors said that their findings did not support advising people with MS to avoid alcohol consumption altogether.

MS is a chronic inflammatory demyelinating disease of the CNS, while alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. Alcohol can directly affect the CNS, causing additional demyelination, according to a 2020 study in the International Journal of Physiology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology . Those with MS who drink because they feel the need to “enjoy life”, are not addressing their emotions about the disease in a positive way, and need to find better coping mechanisms.

Further analysis is needed to better understand the potential cause and effect relationship between alcohol and its neuroprotective effects. These symptoms could include numbness, tingling, loss of sensation, tremor, lack of coordination, and dementia. Excessive alcohol may also damage the liver, stomach, and other organs. But in the alcohol allergy & alcohol intolerance progressive onset group no association was found except for the type of fish eaten. Those who preferred fatty fish showed an increased risk for higher disabilities versus those that consumed lean fish. Now studies are finding that a drink or two might not be that bad, and that alcohol consumption may have a neuroprotective effect.

All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional. People who suffer from these co-occurring disorders will require comprehensive medical and psychiatric treatment. This treatment will be different from traditional dual-diagnosis treatment as there will have to be treatment specialized for MS. Analysed the data and wrote the code for the analysis. All authors were involved in critical review and revision of the manuscript and in the interpretation of the findings.

types of multiple sclerosis

Improving Th2-type immune responses, inhibiting T cell proliferation and decreasing cytokine production in monocytes are some effects of elevated TGF beta level in response to alcohol consumption. IL-4 and IL-10 have adverse effects on IFN-gamma, hence it has been demonstrated that IL-10 changes the activity of macrophages and its role in Ag presenting, so they can decrease Th1 cytokines production . IL-4 decreases IFN-gamma levels differently by suppression of cells that produce IFN-gamma in response to pathogens and also by improving Th2 differentiation.

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