How much time does a developing company take to build food delivery mobile apps?

Wednesday, March 31st 2021.

The charge for using the service for delivered orders is subject to an additional fee, which the customer bears. In addition, you may be able to benefit from certain times of the day when the delivery traffic is high. The surge fee can be added during peak lunchtime and dinner. If you want to generate extra money, you may charge a higher delivery price.

steps to develop a food delivery app

This trend offers food companies full visibility and control of their delivery operations while helping them stay on top of the competition at the same time. Today, more companies are toeing the path of in-house delivery and utilizing delivery dispatch software, which uses automation to assign drivers to every given order. By partnering with multiple third-party fleets, food companies tend to lose control over their delivery operations. Nevertheless, restaurants can now avoid this risk by hiring delivery as a service providers to handle the delivery.

Food delivery app development: A complete guide for 2023

Step 1 A consumer will get recommendations of nearby restaurants or some special orders for the day. More than 58% of customers prioritize convenience over anything else. After you have selected several teams with pertinent experience, contact them and ask a series of questions. Find out if a chosen company has worked on projects similar to yours. To do this, you’ll need to visit company websites, read general information about teams, and look through their portfolios and case studies. To begin with, you should check directories to select a pool of trusted companies.

steps to develop a food delivery app

It is suited to established restaurants that already have a delivery system in place. By launching their exclusive app for food delivery, these restaurant owners make it easy for their customers to order their favorite dishes. At the same time, they gain the opportunity to reach a wider customer base. Before food delivery app development, you need to understand the basic food delivery start-up models that are dominating the market. You might be wondering how much it will cost you to create such an app.

Be it connecting the user to the restaurant using geolocation or payment transfers. However, these applications were once a beautifully planned and executed MVP. They set an example for us to comprehend how to create a food ordering app without fail.

Food delivery app business models

Best of all, Jotform Apps is free, so you won’t find a more affordable mobile app development platform. We know how to understand market sentiment and follow agile practices to make a food delivery app. After knowing how to make a food delivery app, some business owners and startups need a custom solution. Given below is the cost-estimation you need to develop a food delivery app for the restaurant. It is essential to know how to make a food delivery app that allows communication. With Cross-interface communication, you can facilitate a connection between three services.

A well-made design in tandem with easy ordering is what you need to draw customers. This is another popular revenue source, wherein the app incriminates a surged price when the demand is too high. The food menu on the app gets limited and a peak price is charged when the customer places an order. UberEats is one food delivery app that largely relies on this form of revenue stream. In a brief spell, food deliveries account for 30% of Zomato’s overall revenue, making it the second-biggest source of income for the organization. The user login to the app, surf through the dishes and restaurant to order the food of choice.

Keep an eye on current food delivery app trends and do not forget to provide your consumers additional value that your rivals don’t have. To create a food delivery app that satisfies the demands of your target market, you must first identify those needs. At the absolute least, compile a demographic profile of the audience, emphasizing factors such as age, gender, country, and wealth. These are the features that one must include during the app development.

  • But, as an experienced food delivery app development company, we know that there is always room for innovation.
  • With a full cycle of service providing and managing various restaurants, the first version of the app can be developed within 3.5–4 months.
  • Right from restaurant selection to checkout and payment, the consumer is at the lead.
  • Multiple filters- Multiple search options make the process of ordering easier for the customer.
  • The global on-demand food delivery market will register over $154.34 billion by 2023.
  • Apart from filtering restaurants, it’s also useful to have the same functionality for menu pages.

Your potential customers are anyone with a mobile phone and a craving for pizza, wings, burgers, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, etc. Tuhin Bhatt is a co-founder of Intelivita, a leading Web and Mobile App Development Company. He helps passionate entrepreneurs build amazing tech products. Tuhin being a peoples man who has a passion to share his technical expertise with clients and other enthusiasts. Our engineers work only with cutting-edge technologies like Kotlin for Android, Swift for iOS, and Angular for web development.

The drivers collaborating with the companies facilitate the food delivery process. Each driver receives a set of orders to deliver to clients.The full-stack model requires a lot of financial resources. Therefore, it’s essential to research the required cost to start a food delivery app before kickstarting the development process. After a user places an order within an app and it’s redirected to the restaurant, the aggregator takes a commission and is over with that order. The cost of developing a food delivery app may vary significantly from one product to another.

To better understand how delivery apps work, we’ll list the main features of such software. According to data from Statista, revenue in the online food delivery segment will amount to nearly US$123 million in 2020. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 7.5%, resulting in a market volume of more than US$164 million by 2024.

Currently, there are three basic business models of food delivery. The application provides services all over the world, in the countries where its restaurants are located. Domino’s Pizza is a great example of how to properly design a branded pizza delivery application.

Food delivery app development cost

The world is going mobile, and the demand for utility applications has surged significantly in the past few years. One such field which has been completely transformed is on-demand food delivery service. Food delivery apps such as Zomato, Food Panda, and Uber Eats cater to the cravings of millions of people as per their convenience. Well, not necessarily, and even small businesses can come up with something similar to the Uber Eats for a fraction of the cost.

steps to develop a food delivery app

User feeCustomer pays the extra price for the delivered order. An additional aspect of this strategy is that you could profit from special hours of the day when the load is high (for example, lunch-time and dinner). You can raise delivery fees during this ours to make more profit. Here at Cleveroad, we have a huge experience in full-cycle iOS, Android, and Web development. Our developers using only the latest technologies like Kotlin for Android development, Swift for iOS development, and Angular for Web development. Moreover, we work with various niches like sports, healthcare, travel, education, social media, and much more.

Now I can optimize the cost and feature for food delivery app. Food delivery app development company develop many food-delivery apps to order their favorite food online at their convenience. The on-demand food delivery business is turning into one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Here we highlight the final application development cost breakdown. This app development cost is for Android and iOS platforms.

Delivery App Development Cost

With Jotform, you can connect your app with more than 30 payment methods and gateways, including popular options like PayPal, Square, and Stripe. You can collect debit or credit card payments or ACH payments, giving customers an easy and convenient user experience. You can also develop food delivery app on an aggregator model. Placing an Order / Payment In this, create a food ordering app, cart for your customer, and integrate it with different payment options. A food delivery app users must find it easy to create their food carts with their favorite items. One is to create a standalone food ordering app and another it order and delivery application.

steps to develop a food delivery app

Due to the absence of logistics support, such apps are only suitable for big restaurants that can leverage their own delivery systems. Within its first nine weeks, the app received users and 4,7 -star rating. Interexy LLC is fast and efficient at building new features as well as taking scope changes in stride.

The cost of food delivery app development

In the second stage of development, the app MVP may be used to collect user feedback and implement further features. All online orders are accepted by the administrator and processed in the quickest way feasible. Orders are sent to the restaurant if the app is made for your restaurant or café by an aggregator; otherwise, order processing is done by the business.

Want To Launch Your Own Food Delivery App?

Essentially, the purpose of this stage is to provide a clear visual understanding of the app’s appearance on multiple devices. This way, the designers and developers can make necessary adjustments and reviews steps to develop a food delivery app before the creative phase begins. Responsiveness determines how users will accept and experience your application. If the app is buggy, no one will download it, and the rating will plummet in due time.

The project discovery phase helps you to be prepared for the development of your app. The aim of it is to reduce risks and minimize costs, as well as ensure that the product is technologically perfect to fit the market. IOS SDK is a set of development tools that give coders access to different functions and services of Apple devices to create advanced applications.


However, a high-end app with leading functionality may cost you as high as $40,000. This is where the need for a reputed mobile app development agency heightens. A good app will blend design and movement to ensure that UX remains constant and interactive throughout the app.

Consider launching a Food Delivery App?

Popular applications include social media pages like Facebook, Snapchat, and websites like weather channels and even the Financial Times. Programmers need only “assemble” those blocks together to come up with a functional app similar to Uber Eats. Granted, additional time and money will be spent on optimizing the app for users. Nevertheless, existing APIs will significantly reduce the time and money spent on developing a food delivery app. Check our informative blogs on the trending topics of food delivery app development.

Of course, the ability to place and pay for orders is a must for your application. Make the checkout process as smooth as possible, and remember to add several payment options for even greater convenience. Food ordering app development requires the ability to display restaurant menus.

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