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Thursday, March 17th 2022.

As a completely cloud-based SaaS solution, Logistyx connects users with a network of over 550 carriers worldwide. This platform also supports high volume shipping and advanced shipment monitoring using business intelligence. @clickposttechClickPost is a carrier integration product that creates a complete logistics and fulfillment network for your business. With real-time tracking, this software helps you maintain complete visibility over all carriers while monitoring individual shipments.

Today, technology can be seen in every industry as the vehicle to enhance performance and delivery through automation. Both information and goods travel along supply chains and are vital to each other’s success. In order to gain visibility into how this important cargo travels, software for logistics management streamlines the planning and control of each necessary step. If your operation is desperately looking for supply chain management tools, the process can be quite intimidating. No one ever said having options was a bad thing, but too many options can make finding the perfect solution more challenging than it needs to be. If you’re looking to get a jump on gathering some information about some best-in-class logistics software, our comparison guide can get you started.

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Small and medium-sized businesses that need a simple and cost-effective solution for delivery management. Small and medium-sized businesses that need a simple and cost-effective solution for parcel delivery services. Similar to Detrack, route optimization is handled via a paid integration with Mappr – $0.1 for every delivery, collection, or field service. If you’re comfortable switching between screens, the bundle is a cost-efficient solution with robust features like shipping labels and Cash on Delivery. Detrack is a popular choice among small business owners because it offers a free version with key features like Proof of Delivery, live tracking & ETA, as well as 30 email notifications a day.

Time-consuming tasks are usually the ones that require the assessment of different factors. The SCMS shortens the duration of the processes as it can take into account various parameters simultaneously and perform complex calculations within a fraction of a second. This way, you will get all the information you need available at any instant. @SortedOfficialSorted’s Delivery Experience is a platform designed with ease of use in mind. It promises to fix poor delivery choices and disjointed post-purchase communication, increasing customer happiness and loyalty. Additionally, Sorted connects customers with the very best-performing carriers, ensuring that all can be managed easily and efficiently on one ultra-convenient platform.


In order to understand the considerations involved in this type of solution, it’s important to first look at the definition of logistics and what is involved in logistics processes. With our container insurance feature, you can insure even the containers that are not present on xChange. It’s a super convenient way of insuring your entire fleet at a competitive price. On our leasing platform, you can – manage all your deals in one place, negotiate free days, per diem charges, and pick up credits directly with partners using the live chat feature!

Best Logistics Software

Some of the solutions provided by logistics software include order and inventory management, transportation management, warehouse operations and shipping logistics management. Inventory controlManages purchase orders and supply levels, tracking the on-hand, allocated and ordered quantities along with historical and trend information for forecasting purposes. “Tracking” refers to items’ current locations, while “tracing” refers to items’ previous locations. Logistics software, including supply chain management software, streamlines and optimizes the complex operations that keep supply chains buzzing. Some operations include transportation management, warehouse management, inventory management, order processing, and as you know many, many more.

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It also provides document management tools, allowing drivers to upload receipts and various documents instantly. Documents can be uploaded as images in real-time and accessed at a moment’s notice by relevant team members using Samsara. With an automated digital workflow, data entry errors are minimized while increasing efficiencies.

Best Logistics Software

@shippoShippo is a multi-carrier shipping software that features competitive rates from major freight carriers. The system connects and syncs with all major eCommerce platforms and gives you the ability to streamline shipments and returns. With a network of over 85 global carriers, you can provide instant value to your logistics networks with minimal setup time and no coding. @courier365cloudCourier365cloud is a complete courier management system that combines software and tracking technology. Carrier and client accounts are very easy to manage with easy access to billing and sales information.

How do These Solutions Transform the Logistics and Supply Chain?

This program is designed with dedicated modules that can be easily integrated with other software platforms through the provided API. @freightpopFreightPOP is a one-click logistics and supply chain management program tailored to the needs of manufacturers and distributors. A complete cloud-based system, FreightPOP connects your employees with customers and carriers in a seamless user experience.

  • They’ll likely want freight software geared specifically to the 3PL market like 3PLink and Accellos.
  • Upper is a route planning and route optimization solution that excels as a transportation and logistics software.
  • On the surface, Logiwa WMS is warehouse management software entirely based on the cloud.
  • These days, direct contact between producers/sellers and consumers/buyers is almost never possible.
  • Fuel management systems are useful for accessing fuel sites, controlling fuel purchase and for security reasons especially while tracking delivery and consumption.
  • Logistics service providers don’t have the time to bury resources in developing complex software.

Here are the top logistics software that you can use to simplify your day-to-day operations. Having been in the business for 20 years now, Soloplan is one of the retail logistics software. Documentation management – Soloplan helps you put all your information and documentation records in an online archiving platform. It provides a comprehensive solution for transportation and forwarding of goods. Central management system – A business manager can control all operations from a centralized point. The application model, for example, allows for both branch and corporate installations.

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Or you can get the logistics software management app and use its reporting feature to get valuable insights about your operations. Sensible enterprises inherently scale and customize solutions in data depositories and software. Some people may think that is similar to what a cloud does, but not all cloud tools are equal. Rather than relying on a simple, easy-to-use multi-client distribution model, good businesses opt for a solution or package with solid chain management architecture.

Best Logistics Software

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